Library MetaCoq.Erasure.Extraction

From Coq Require Import Ascii FSets ExtrOcamlBasic ExtrOcamlZInt ExtrOCamlFloats ExtrOCamlInt63.
From MetaCoq.Template Require Import utils.

Extraction setup for the erasure phase of template-coq.

Any extracted code planning to link with the plugin should use these same directives for consistency.

Extraction Blacklist Classes config uGraph Universes Ast String List Nat Int
           UnivSubst Typing Checker Retyping OrderedType Logic Common ws_cumul_pb Classes Numeral
Set Warnings "-extraction-opaque-accessed".
Set Warnings "-extraction-reserved-identifier".

From MetaCoq.Erasure Require Import EAst EAstUtils EInduction ELiftSubst EGlobalEnv Extract ErasureFunction Erasure.

Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Classes.noConfusion.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.eq_elim.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.eq_elim_r.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.transport.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.transport_r.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.False_rect_dep.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.Logic.True_rect_dep.
Extraction Inline Equations.Init.pr1.
Extraction Inline Equations.Init.pr2.
Extraction Inline Equations.Init.hidebody.
Extraction Inline Equations.Prop.DepElim.solution_left.

Extract Inductive Equations.Init.sigma ⇒ "( * )" ["(,)"].
Extract Constant Equations.Init.pr1 ⇒ "fst".
Extract Constant Equations.Init.pr2 ⇒ "snd".
Extraction Inline Equations.Init.pr1 Equations.Init.pr2.

Cd "src".

Separate Extraction ErasureFunction.erase Erasure
         Coq.Strings.String utils Template.UnivSubst ELiftSubst EGlobalEnv.

Cd "..".